Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

What a buzz!!!

Just one day after my last post, that is  Hydroponic Shop Near Me 5 if any of you are counting, my peas had curly tails and the others were also showing signs of life. If I hadn’t been checking I would not have believed it. Another couple of days and I was able to transfer my little seed laden cubes to the kit I bought, which will be placed in the same mild temperature room as my little seed kit. Problem now of course, is that I want results yesterday and also have to stop myself buying another, larger, or more complicated kit to gloat over. Not a good idea I realize as it could be so disappointing to try to run before I can walk. Still, at least I can do more research so that I am ready when the time comes. I am now something over a month into the experiment and my pea shoots are six inches high, while my runner bean shoots are OVER 16 inches high!!!

Just a note here about the beans. During a conversation with a grower, I was advised that it would be good to place my seedlings next to an openable window when in flower, to assist with pollination. I thought that was pretty interesting as I confess, pollination had been a subject on my mind with growing my plants indoors. I am assuming this will apply for all of my seedlings eventually. My broad bean (only one actually sprouted, and that only after I soaked the two I chose overnight) is now actually showing a touch of green, while the brussel sprouts and carrot seedlings are over an inch high. I feel these latter will do better growing in soil as I spoke to a local hydroponic shop, and realized it would be very difficult to grow carrots, at least, through clay balls. The man in the shop said he had been to a hydro convention and the only carrots there had three distinct roots. Have no idea what would happen growing them in my unit so instead have some tomato and bell pepper seeds germinating on rockwool. The tomato seedlings are already nearly an inch high, while the peppers are showing signs of breaking through the seed.

Can’t wait for things to develop further. I keep lifting the runner bean pot in hopes of seeing roots coming down but, nothing yet. It is both exciting and frustrating waiting for everything to develop – NOW. Still, the weather has improved, which is always a plus and I know, eventually, I will be able to report actual flower heads. I will probably want to write THAT article all in capital letters.

The buzz grows stronger.-I checked back on the instructions for my deep water kit and am relieved that I am doing the right things. So, onward and upward?



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